TEEN Strength & Conditioning Classes

TEEN Strength & Conditioning

Does your teen suffer from any of the following:

  • Growing pains, adolescent knee pain, adolscent foot pain?
  • Do you worry about the amount of exercise your teen is getting? Or are they doing too much?
  • Have they been given the correct advice in relation to their age and their strength?
  • Do you know what exercises are appropriate during growth spurts and/or puberty? 
  • Do they complain of any pain after exercising?
  • Does your teen lack confidence with Sports?

The classes are held at Gateway House in Bromborough and are run by our Chartered Physiotherapist, Steve Donigan. The classes will be run out of our multi purpose gym with complete supervision for your peace of mind. The classes are aimed at giving your kids awareness about their bodies, which could help target their training for the new school season/sporting season ahead or just give them that bit more confidence in a sporting environment. The maximum participants in the class will be 8.

Parents are more than welcome to wait for their children in our waiting area within the physiotherapy clinic.

So the important question... Why choose a class that is run by a Phyisotherapist? Well apart from the fact they know loads about the body and how it works, this is what  Steve had to say...

"I have developed a class that comprises a range of exercises and screening movements that will enable the participant to self-assess their movement, strength, balance, co-ordination and proprioception.
Identifying any discrepancies or difficulties will enable the participant to target their training which will improve their ability to move and perform.
Controlled exercises with emphasis on quality technique will reduce risk of injury and improve control of movement."

Steve Donigan MCSP HPC

If you are unsure whether these classes are suitable for your teen or you would just like more information please contact the clinic on 0151 327 3361 and we will ask Steve to call you.