Helen Stiffin

Helen became a Body Control Pilates® certified teacher in 2004, after 20 years sitting behind a desk in her previous life as a Human Resources Manager.  She’d been practicing Pilates for 5 years when redundancy came along and she decided to have a complete career change.
Including Helen’s classes at Willaston Physio’s Willaston and Bromborough clinics, she currently teaches a total of 20 sessions a week, and her classes have a very wide range of clients both in age, fitness and flexibility who come to classes for a whole range of reasons.  Some are already very fit and enjoy Pilates as part of a wider exercise regime, for others it may well be the only exercise they do each week but it helps them to improve and maintain flexibility, mobility and muscle tone or for some others it’s an important way of keeping their lower back pain under control.
Helen continues to study to expand her knowledge attending regular workshops, to ensure that she is fully conversant with any new developments in the Pilates world, to improve her teaching skills and to ensure she always has plenty of new ideas to keep the classes interesting. 
Helen is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and a Level 3 Pilates Teacher on the Register of Exercise Professionals.
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