Golf Performance Packages

We can provide a specific assessment to golfers hoping to take their game to the next level.

Golf is becoming a more fitness orientated sport. Leading professionals such as Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson spend countless hours with physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches in an effort to improve performance.
How can you benefit from our Packages?
Any muscle imbalance or limitation of movement can be identified and improved on, leading to improved performance
Improved club head speed and carry distances with more efficient movement patterns
Extend your length of play and enhance your game with improved stamina, strength and performance.
Prevent injury and speed up recovery to play without pain with physiotherapy and sports massage.
Know the correct golf shoe and where appropriate, assess your suitability for custom made orthotics to provide function and comfort using Gait Analysis and our 3D foot scanner.

What’s involved in the Golf Performance Screen?
Dan Hopwood MCSP HPC, one of our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists who has created this unique Golf Performance Screen will carry out a 10 point physical screen to create an individual programme for you, analysing your quality of movement, flexibility, stability and strength whilst playing golf. 
You will receive a full report and a follow up appointment.

The X Factor Angle

Leading research into driving distance has led to the discovery of the X-Factor angle, which is the angle of separation between your trunk and pelvis at the top of the backswing. This is directly linked to how far you hit the ball. This is a key component that your physiotherapist will be trying to improve

Biomechanical Assessment using our 3D Dynamic Foot Scanner

Our MSK Orthotics Podiatrist Dave Forster BSc heads up our Orthotics Clinic. He will give you a Gait Analysis assessment using our 3D Foot Scanner, this allows in-depth pressure analysis of the foot function. Dave will then advise whether he recommends custom made orthotics or standard off the shelf. 

“Your feet are the only point of contact with the ground throughout your golf swing and provides important feedback on your movement”